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Selecting service providers for your wedding can be a daunting task.

There are many chancers out there offering their services with no or very little experience or knowledge.

You may find a DJ who is very experienced in playing in clubs etcetera. This is NOT what is required for your wedding! Providing sound and music for a wedding is in fact a highly specialized craft! Having the experience and knowledge of the various potential pitfalls is the most important aspect of your wedding DJ/ sound provider. The equipment used in clubs and pubs by DJ’s is in fact not at all suitable for your wedding, where the quality of the sound required is totally different to that of the night-club or disco.

We use YAMAHA sound equipment and SHURE microphones, controlled via a YAMAHA mixer which can regulate the sound quality perfectly. The normal DJ mixer cannot do this.

We have done more than 500 weddings in the last 8 years, and have had only excellent results! Many references and testimonials are available from very happy brides and grooms.

A sound system is set up in the ceremony area at the venue, and the Marriage officer is provided with a radio microphone. Any music can be played at this time.

A second sound system is set up in the reception area, with up to four loudspeakers to ensure optimum coverage of the area. Background music is played while guests await the couple during canapés and pre-drinks, and a special song is played upon their arrival. Sound backing can also be provided for singers or musicians at this time.

Background music is played at an acceptable volume during dinner, and a radio microphone is provided for speeches and toasts.

Dance music to suit the demographics of the guests, and as selected by the couple during a personal meeting, is played until midnight. We have a selection of more than thirty thousand songs of all genres, including the current hits. We also play requests as required.

Your music selection is backed up on an MP3 disc, which is presented to you at the end of the evening. Should your photographer or videographer require background music for his product, this will be provided as well.

We use YAMAHA sound equipment and SHURE microphones. Both these brands are world renowned as premium quality.

As professionals, we take pride in our faultless record after hundreds of weddings, and wish to assure you of our commitment to the success of your wedding.

Please allow us the opportunity to quote for your wedding. You will be pleasantly surprised by our very reasonable fees.


Guten tag.

Ich bin Walter Heuer und ich wurde gerne ihren helfen mit sound und musik bei ihren hochzeit um es einen shonen atmospher zu geben.

Sprechen sie mit Hein um einen buchung zu machen.

Viele Grusse.


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