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unashamedly ethical

Hein von Solms was employed in furniture retail for many years. At the same time, a passionate interest in sound and music kept him involved in the entertainment industry.

As national Sales Manager for the furniture group, he was actively involved in arranging special promotions nationwide and throughout Namibia.

He toured both these countries with several of the top artists of South Africa and took part in these performances as sound engineer and live sound mixer. This gave him very valuable experience in producing ecxellent sound quality.

This experience has proved to be invaluable in providing the top quality sound that every wedding demands.

We have done about 800 weddings in the last 15 years and intend to carry on providing our excellent quality service, at very competitive fees, for many years to come.

We were recently joined by WALTER HEUER, a third generation South African of German parentage. Walter is one of the well known Heuer family from Stellenbosch, and has been in the sound and music business his whole life.

Walter is fluent in German, and can be of great assistance to German speakers who want to get married in the Cape Winelands area.